Gear pumps KF

Modular standard pump

In the standard version, the housing parts are made of cast iron. The gears are made of high-strength case-hardened steel, hardened and mounted in special multi-material plain bearing bushes. In the standard version, the drive shaft end is sealed by a rotary shaft seal. All sizes are made with helical gearing. This, in combination with a special gearing geometry, results in extremely low noise levels and low-pressure pulsation.


Displacement: 0.5 … 3 150 cm³/rev
Temperature range: -50 … 200 °C
Maximum pressure: … 25 bar


  • Lubricating oil supply for marine gearboxes, wind turbines and compressors

  • Pre- and main lubrication of diesel engines

  • Oil delivery in filter systems

  • Fuel delivery


  • ATEX version

  • Stainless steel version

  • Motor-pump unit (electrically / mechanically driven)

  • Noise-optimised version

  • Outboard bearing to absorb radial forces

  • Vacuum version

Alternative transfer pumps