COLOURTECH – the automated colour and additive metering

The stroke is usually calculated and set for metering valves. The input value must then be stored in the controller. This is an error-prone process. The ColourTech colour and additive metering module now eliminates this problem.
The ColourTech metering valve module integrates seamlessly into the SilcoStar e-Flow product line. After entering the percentage colour quantity, the metering quantity is automatically calculated and passed on to the ColourTech module. If the operator changes the process parameters or the metering speed of the injection moulding machine, the stepper motor immediately adjusts the colour or additive metering quantity. A constant and homogeneous mixture is guaranteed by this means, as the cycle frequency is fixed at 1.5 Hz.
Colours or additives can be added in quantities from 0 to 0.288 ml with automatic adjustment of the dosing stroke. The ColourTech module is completely equipped with pneumatic valves and thus ensures a high level of operational reliability and long service life.