Mission statement


We are a globally active medium-sized engineering company that is shaped by the principles of respect for our customers, business partners and our employees. We respect all people in their uniqueness and cultural diversity. We respect every person regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, religion, ideology, disability, age or personal orientation. Compliance with internationally recognised human rights standards is our top priority.

As a socially responsible employer, we regard our employees as a core worth protecting and of great value. We create an environment that offers our employees the opportunity for professional and personal development. We invest in the qualification, competence and health of our employees. In addition, we attach great importance to long-term partnerships with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

As a basic corporate philosophy, we live open, fair, honest and respectful dealings with all our dialogue partners. We conduct our company and our business competently and ethically. Observing applicable laws at home and abroad is a matter of course for us.

By acting honestly, with integrity and sincerity, we protect and promote fair competition. We are committed to act economically, socially and environmentally consciously.

We constantly adapt our organisation to the tasks and development of the company. We are fast and react flexible to customer requests and changes in our sales markets. We ensure economic success in a targeted manner through customer and market-oriented behaviour in all areas of the company. Our high quality standards form the basis for the success of our wide and deep range of products. Because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

This mission statement is inextricably anchored in our corporate culture.