Process pumps

Dosing liquids is the main task in numerous process engineering processes. Polyol, isocyanate, plasticizers, resins and adhesives are some of the most important liquids with a wide range of applications. Risks in dosing these partly toxic, corrosive and flammable fluids must be excluded. Discover our process pumps. Standard and customised pumps – for your application, too.

gear pumps DT

DuroTec® gear pumps DT for abrasive and poorly lubricating fluids.

Displacement: 3.0 … 250 cm³/rev
Temperature range: -20 … 150 °C
Maximum pressure: … 150 bar


gear pumps KF coated

Gear pumps KF coated for dosing fluids in process engineering processes.

Displacement: 4.0 … 24 cm³/rev
Temperature range: -10 … 200 °C
Maximum pressure: … 50 bar

Metering pumps ADP

High precision external gear metering pump for dosing fluids.

Displacement: 0.1 … 20.0 cm³/rev
Temperature range: -20 … 200 °C
Maximum pressure: … 200 bar