Vision and Values

Our Vision

The global leader for special fluid technologies

Our values

Our claim to the highest quality and excellence grows from experience and tradition. Our products are characterised by extremely high reliability and resilience in their respective areas of application. These fundamental attributes ensure our consistency in quality and technology.

We rely on sustainable corporate success in order to secure and increase value creation in the long term. Steady and organic growth enables us to continuously strengthen our competitive position, to remain stable even in crises and to create secure jobs.

Maintaining the company’s success is motivation, obligation and drive for us at the same time. Our high quality standards are a key factor in our worldwide success. Our goal is to offer our customers the highest quality and to ensure optimal service.

The trust of our customers in our products and a pronounced customer orientation are essential for our business activities and our entrepreneurial success.

We understand our values ​​to mean the characteristics that are important to us and according to which we act every day. They represent the central elements of our corporate culture.

Our values ​​are the basis for decisions, give us an orientation for action and create standards of behavior. Furthermore, they bind our employees to our company and strengthen identification.

Company values


> Transparency in all areas of the company


> Achieving goals together

> Employees as a valuable core worth protecting


> Security (preservation of jobs, customer loyalty)

> Tradition and innovation


> Resource-saving

> Responsibility for the future of tomorrow


> Company stability and job security


> Quality and goodness

> Delivery reliability

> After-Sales-Service

Regional ties and responsibility

> We are committed to the company location Werdohl, Germany