High-pressure gear pumps and motors, fan drives, multiple combinations, valves and hydraulic manifolds as well as cylinders for construction machinery, municipal vehicles, agricultural machinery, special vehicles and truck bodies.

Hydraulic components for mobile and stationary applications

Our hydraulic components are used in a host of different areas. Our high-pressure gear pumps are employed wherever motion is produced by pressurised oil. Our high-pressure gear motors translate hydraulic into mechanical force. The valves and cylinders are used in a multitude of applications in the field of oil and working hydraulics.

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High-pressure pumps for oil-hydraulic systems. Suitable for mineral oil-based pressure fluids and motor oils.

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High-pressure gear motors for oil-hydraulic systems. Multiple motor combinations are possible and the motors can be supplied with mounted valves

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Flow dividers for efficient distribution of pressures and flows.

Flow dividers >

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Customised hydraulic manifolds for the driving and working hydraulics.

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Hydraulic and block cylinders as differential, synchronous, pull or push cylinders as well as plunger cylinders.

Cylinders >

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Fan drives: Individual cooling through adaptable motors with different valve functions for each cooler brand.

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